Mar. 17, 2018
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Brick Farm Market

Photo by Bradley M. Koltz – A feast for all the senses in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

By Alicia M. Priore

Despite its’ unassuming brick exterior, the Brick Farm Market was already quite busy, and obviously popular - always a very good sign - when we drove up to sample what everyone in town has been talking about since the Market opened in 2013.

Once we entered, the simple brick façade of the former Malek Chevrolet building, a former auto repair shop hailing back to the 1930s, gave way to an airy and sophisticated rustic décor. Reclaimed woodwork throughout the building adds to the warmth of the experience.

We marveled at the gastronomic and gourmet bounty that sprawled over not one, but two floors before us.

We had hoped for a casual, cute lunch place to grab a quick bite, but what we got was so much more.

The Brick Farm Market is a deli style restaurant, a butcher shop, cheese shop, bakery, produce market, charcuterie, juice and coffee bar all in one.

The menu selections are posted on a big chalk board over the deli counter and the glass deli counter window was filled with an assortment of miniature, savory pies in assorted flavors, a signature dish, as well as a wide selection of seasonal salads and vegetables.

The staff was very friendly and willing to answer questions about the food and explain the ordering process.

We decided to get a variety of things, a turkey BLT with a side salad, a cous cous and vegetable salad, and a few meatballs. Not surprisingly everything was homemade, fresh and delicious. Even the coffee, available in several blends, got two thumbs up. We topped off our meal with an addictive chocolate biscuit (basically a chocolate scone) that was magically buttery and light at the same time. We were hooked.

Photo by Bradley M. Koltz – Fresh, nutritious and delicious!

The bulk of the meat, produce and herbs used in the food served at the restaurant are locally sourced and come from the owners own Double Brook Farm located a mere half a mile from the market in Hopewell.

A new restaurant, Brick Farm Tavern, a farm-to-table restaurant that will feature seasonal products from the farm and artisanal creations, is in the works.

Before leaving we picked up some home-made treats for the dogs as well as some produce and gourmet caramels. And yes, our three dogs loved their treats from The Brick Farm Market as much as we enjoyed ours.

Brick Farm Market

65 East Broad Street

Hopewell, NJ 08525

(609) 466-6500

Why a market in Hopewell?

Market owners Jon and Robin McConaughy had been running their farm, Double Brook Farm, since 2006, and wanted to take their fresh, local food to market "a stone's throw away" from the source.

They built the Market as a showcase for all of the fresh, local, high-quality food in the area. As owners of the Double Brook Farm and The Brick Farm Market, they have a direct view literally from farm to table. They clearly hope it takes the guesswork out of finding nutritious, local, sustainable shopping. They also clearly have a genuine interest in preserving and strengthening their community. And what better way to do that than through local, sustainable food in a warm and inviting atmosphere?

It's obvious that this is a deep passion and truly a way of life for them and their family. We can't wait to see what the upcoming tavern has in store.

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